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Travel to Vienna in times of COVID / Corona Virus

Travel to Vienna in times of COVID / Corona Virus

Times are tough for those of us who love to travel, see and meet people from abroad Luckily in “Felix Austria” the handling of the crisis has led to a situation where safely traveling seems possible rather sooner than later. Check the numbers here:

As a hostel we commit to a new policy of booking our beds: bunk beds will only be occupied by two people if they are traveling together. For single travelers we offer single beds that will be at least 1 meter away from other beds in every direction.

Our cleaning team will lay special emphasis on the alcohol-based cleaning of surfaces, door handles and other frequently used areas & objects of the hostel. Additionally the whole staff was trained specifically in the handling of this situation and are also urged to wash their hands regularly.

Shared toilets and showers will be equipped with supplementary alcohol-based spray disinfectants, so that guests can conveniently disinfect everything additionally for themselves.

There are hand disinfectant dispensers located at strategic points of the hostel, like entrances, kitchen, etc.

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Last night before shut down – it is already much busier again!