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Travel to Vienna in times of COVID / Corona Virus

Travel to Vienna in times of COVID / Corona Virus

Times are tough for those of us who love to travel, see and meet people from abroad and it seems like this spring is a neverending story. Luckily in “Felix Austria” the handling of the crisis has led to a situation where safely traveling seems possible rather sooner than later.

Meanwhile we are doing everything at the Hostel to prepare for a post / during COVID19 travel world. Hygiene measures are planned and rooms will be reconfigured to ensure the travelers safety from here on out. Not many Hotels will re-open soon but we are looking into every possibility to Host backpackers, families, adventurers in a safe environment as soon as it is possible!

Stay tuned on our website for the latest and support our efforts with a flexible booking or a ADOPTAHOSTEL (promo code) –10% voucher for any future booking.

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A quiet night at the bar before it was shut down, see you soon!