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Terms & Conditions


Hello guest! By booking a long stay at our Hostel you acknowledge the following terms and conditions for long stay bookings. Breaking the rules will lead you to loose your room and in most cases loosing the security deposit*.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change – you will be notified of severe modifications that may affect your stay.

2. Booking rules Security deposit / payment / cancellation

  1. Your booking is NOT a rental contract.
  2. All bookings lead to the necessity of a security deposit* in the amount of 250 Euros prepaid in cash or reserved on your credit card.
  3. The booking has to be pre-paid for one month. the following month can be canceled latest 2 weeks before check-out. The booking can be extended with the hostel staff 2 weeks before. Late cancelation can lead to loss of the security deposit. Late extension might lead to a room change.
  4. Upgrade of the room type is possible but subject to availability.
  5. Your booking is NOT a binding rental contract but a reservation of a certain room type (not a room number). We reserve the right to change your room to a similar room type in unforseen circumstances.
  6. We reserve the right to end your stay at any time without explanation. Leftover paid-for time may be reimbursed if no damage / rule breaking occured.

3. General house rules

  1. No excessive noise between 10pm-7am, except in downstairs common areas
  2. No smoking/vaping inside the hostel (not out of windows etc.) this will lead to the loss of the security deposit
  3. Please keep quiet in your rooms – please respect your co-living neighbors
  4. Furniture is not to be taken from the common areas to your rooms without approval. 
  5. Musical instruments are not to be taken into your room. They must stay in the common areas. 
  6. No posters or other items can be permanently fixed to the walls, windows or any other part of the room. No painting/writing on walls – Necessary renovations / repairs of your room or the hostel will be deducted from your deposit. If you want to make positive changes to your room please get permission first.
  7. By city ordinance no one is allowed the gardens after 7pm. 
  8. If smoking out the front of the hostel keep your voices down after 10pm, please respect the neighbors. All fines will be forwarded to involved guests.
  9. No pets allowed 
  10. No illegal drugs. Absolutely no weapons. No other illegal activity.
  11. Don’t leave personal items around common areas. The hostel is not responsible for any stolen property, break-in other other damages to your belongings.
  12. No cooking in your room. Please also store food safely in closed containers with your name on it in the kitchen. 
  13. Leave the room the way you found it (or better – talk to us if you have ideas)
  14. Clean up after yourself – if you dirty it, clean it. This goes especially for the kitchen.
  15. Don’t horde glasses/plates in your room – they are for everyone. 
  16. Please close the windows upon leaving the room and switch of the fans / lights

4. Cleaning service provided

  1. Your room will be cleaned every 14 days. Please make sure to not leave clutter on the floor and in the private bathroom / sink so it can be thoroughly done. Please leave the used sheets stripped in a pile on the bed so they can be exchanged. You will be notified of the cleaning date. Cleaning happens between 9am and 2pm. Cleaning is mandatory as to keep our rooms in a good state.

5. Visitors:

  1. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight (Exceptions can be made for a fee – we also offer visitor rooms / beds)
  2. Only registered, paying guests are allowed in your room or upper floors.
  3. If inviting more than 4 visitors to the common area, inform the staff 
  4. No visitors arriving after midnight
  5. You will be financially liable for any and all damage caused by your visitors