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維也納最棒的旅社!! since 1968!!

歡迎來到 Ruthensteiner Hostel Vienna!



  • 賓至如歸的感受,Hostel Ruthensteiner 提供給來自各地的背包客跟旅行者一個完全放鬆以及享受的空間,Hostel創立於 1968年. 我們擁有最美麗的花園以及便利的公共設施 (源自本地的藝術品 & 具設計感的家具) ,還有可以讓您自由使用的樂器,使您陶醉在音樂之都的氣氛下 (來場令人驚豔的即興演奏吧!),我們還有一座溫馨的小酒吧(品嘗道地的維也納啤酒!),設備完善的Guest kitchen(是時候拿出您的拿手菜了!),還有保證是全維也納最友善以及熱心的工作人員,無論您是隻身到此享受歐洲,或是三五好友到此旅遊, Hostel Ruthensteiner絕對是您來到維也納的上上之選,我們誠摯邀請您一同驗證這場充滿感動與驚喜的旅程,我們來看看體驗過的旅客怎麼說!
  • 我們提供全館24HR免費WIFI,自由使用的公共電腦,您亦可向我們的工作人員租借IPad,您可以隨時隨地的與遠在家鄉的家人聯繫
  • 絕佳的位置- 我們坐落於維也納最熱鬧的Westbahnhof Metro&Train Station(維也納西站) ,此為維也納極為重要的交通樞紐,靠近著名的Palace Schönbrunn(熊布朗宮/美泉宮)以及美麗的古城區,並且距離維也納最熱門的購物區Mariahilferstrasse僅一步之遙,您不會錯過任何維也納的精華地點!



Here’s what a few of our favorite travel bloggers have to say:   Manouk-BoB-700x700 ”Hostel Ruthensteiner was refreshingly personal, cosy and fun. While brainstorming about an article on the hostel, me and my friends decided to list the positives and negatives. However, we ended up with a long list of positives…” – from ’17 Reasons Why Hostel Ruthensteiner Rocks!’ by Manouk, the whirling force behind BUNCH of BACKPACKERS   lauren ”After a smooth check in I meander deeper into the hostel and find not one but two interior gardens, where peaceful plants climb the walls and wrap oak benches, tables and chairs in a soft embrace.  A hand carved, oversized wooden chess set sits on the patio and groups of weary, contented travelers relax with a drink…” – from ‘Hostel Ruthensteiner: Original and Independent Vienna’ by Lauren Salisbury of Something In Her Ramblings   mochilas edit”El Hostel Ruthensteiner está muy bien ubicado y se parece más a un hostel sudamericano que europeo. Una casa grande con jardines y habitaciones diseñadas. A nosotros nos gustó mucho.”Lucas & Ludmilla, Mochilas en Viaje     877bf27dfc683083649f4588418600c3 ” I fell in love with the magnificent artwork all around the hostel. Art is a prominent part of Vienna’s culture and the hostel reflects an understanding of the culture by featuring various pieces of art from both domestic and international artists.” – from ‘Vienna’s Prettiest Little Hostel’ by Chanel of Cultural Xplorer     ”Hostel RuthensAmbassador-banner-blog-220x220teiner has a great bar that is rounded which makes it nearly impossible to not make friends with those sitting around you because you are nearly looking at them anyhow.  The hostel is not a party hostel, but rather more of a relaxed atmosphere setting where gentle music plays when someone in the common area is not entertaining with one of the musical instruments hanging on the wall…”Stephen ‘Beaver’ Harris,  Official Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador